In Terry’s Kitchen leaves the kitchen from time to time to venture out locally for field trips to local Farmer’s Markets, wine country vineyards, or for guided walks through treasured food ghettos in the SF Bay Area to visit bakeries, cheese shops, wine bars, markets and butchers. There are so many delicious things to taste and culinary information to gather in San Francisco and neighboring destinations. Watch for these small private tours listed on the monthly calendar and join me for a wonderful day of exploring food.

travel1665If you’re up for a culinary experience abroad Terry goes to France, Italy, and even Morocco to experience the culinary cultures of these colorful countries and all they have to offer. Excursions to these destinations are planned around exploring open markets, cooking with residents, and experiencing the rural beauty of each of these regions. Small private tours are in the planning stages for 2014-2015 so stay tuned.

In Terry’s Kitchen also hosts visiting international chefs periodically over the course of the year for special culinary sessions. We’ll take you and your taste buds to Italy, France, Mexico, India and beyond. Watch to see who is coming up next year!! These are always popular classes so don’t miss out!